Tony Hawk Signature Series


Tony Hawk is...

The world knows Tony Hawk as a legendary skateboarder, entrepreneur, and
founder of The Skatepark Project — but how exactly did he get all those titles?
Tony Hawk was nine years old when his older brother changed his life by giving
him his first skateboard.

By 14 he’d turned pro and by 16 was considered
the best competitive skateboarder on earth. A World Champion for 12 years in a
row, he continues to skate demos and exhibitions internationally, and remains
the most recognized action-sports figure in the world.

Signature Series is...

Tony Hawk Signature Series produces a huge range of excellent skateboarding
products aimed at the entry level skateboarder.

From the very beginning feeling like a pro is important. By providing great
looking, highly functional skateboards, Tony Hawk Signature Series aims to
inspire and encourage the next generation of influential skateboarders.

Tony Hawk has approved every component and pro-quality graphic throughout
the brand, which means every Tony Hawk Signature Series product has the look
and feel of a truly professional skateboard, without the price tag.